Ways to Clean and Store Your Air Cooler before Winter

Last updated May. 04, 2020

Your air cooler may be your most friendly home appliance during summer, but you don't want it sitting around idle during winter. The machine is not needed when the temperature is generally low. The best thing is to store it away safely.

Besides the fact that the air cooler doesn’t need to be sitting around idle in winter, storing it properly during winter will help to keep it safe and prolong its lifespan.

Do you know how to properly clean and store your air cooler for winter? Here are some tips on how to do it.


The Best Time to Clean the Air Cooler for Winterization

From the way the topic is structured, you can see that preparing your air cooler for winter should start a little while before winter sets in fully.

Once it is obvious that the machine is no longer needed (when the season starts changing and the temperature starts getting lower), you need to start talking about getting it ready for winter. This can be a full week before winter fully set it.

Cleaning the Air Cooler

You can't just shut your air cooler off, store it away and expect it to be in great condition the next time you take it out again.

There is a need to give it a thorough cleaning before storing for winter. This is a standard practice that will help to keep it safe during the winter and help it to function properly the next cooling season.

While a technician can help you winterize your air cooler in the best possible way, you can do it yourself and save the money. You just have to clean properly and store safely. Here are the best possible ways to do that:

Unplug Completely

You must unplug your air cooler from the power source before attempting any cleaning. You need to start by switching the machine off completely.

Next, unplug from the power source. You should also disconnect the power cord and store it away appropriately.

Many units have storage compartments for their power cables behind a removable panel. Wrap the power cord properly and fit inside the perfect compartment.


Drain the Water Tank and Clean It Properly

You need to drain your air cooler’s water tank properly before starting the complete cleaning routine.

If the water tank can be detached from the rest of the unit, it can be easier to clean properly. Even if it can’t be detached, drain it properly before washing.

You also need to wash the water tank properly to get rid of mineral deposits. This is especially important if you run the unit with hard water.

The chances of mineral deposits in the water tank are always high, regardless of your water source.

To clean the water tank properly, fill it up with a mixture of calcium and lime solution plus water. Ensure that the tank is filled with water and your cleaning mixture.

Allow the mixture to sit for about twenty minutes before emptying it, using a brush to clean the inside of the tank and rinsing off with clean water.

While your mixture is waiting in the tank, you can proceed with other aspects of cleaning and maintaining the air cooler.

Clean Every Part of the Machine Gently

Every part of your air cooler needs to be cleaned before you store it for winter. Take time with every part of the machine while cleaning.

You can use a special vacuum to clean the interior. For the parts you can reach conveniently, you can use a soft brush or clean cloth to brush gently.

Ensure that the dirt and mineral deposits are all removed, then flush out with clean, fresh water.

Clean the Exterior of the Machine Gently

The exterior of your machine needs to be taken care of too. Regular cleaning is important if you need it to look great always.

When cleaning for winter storage, you should also pay real attention to the exterior of the machine. To avoid exposing the machine to rust and other damages, use mild soap for external cleaning.

Don't use a hard brush, either. A soft clean can get the job done. After washing with soap, rinse every part properly with fresh, clean water.

Let Every Part Dry Out Completely

Letting your air cooler dry out completely before storage is as important as proper cleaning.

Storing the air cooler throughout the winter with even a little amount of water inside can have devastating effects.

After cleaning and rinsing every part of the machine, allow them to dry properly before reassembling.


Cooling Pad Cleaning and Maintenance

Like every other part of the air cooler, the cooling pads also require care and cleaning to function properly. It is vital you keep checking the condition of your cooling pads.

Cleaning them, making sure they are rightly placed and ensuring they are in good condition can extend their life. You can use a brush to clean the pads. If a lot of dust has been accumulated or if it is cracked then it is best to replace them.

Cover Your Air Cooler Protectively

Every air cooler, no matter the size and how it is mounted, must be covered properly for the winter.

In fact, units that are mounted outdoors that cannot be moved need extra attention when storing for winter. Make sure you use an appropriate cover to protect your unit from the element.

Buying a special cover for your air cooler will be great. If the original cover it came with is still available, you can use it to cover it properly before storage.

Store the Right Way

After preparing your air cooler by cleaning and covering it properly store the right way to keep it safe during winter.

Do not move the air coolers to your basement or garage, as moisture can easily get into such places. Store in your home, rather. It is best to store air coolers in a dry indoor environment. The back of a closet can be a good place.

You need to keep your air cooler clean and properly stored during winter. Actually, you need to clean and store it before winter sets in.

We have illustrated in a few steps how best to do this. Follow the tips diligently, and you will keep your air cooler in great shape for optimum performance when you need it again during summer.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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