Tips to Live Sustainably

Last updated May. 23, 2020

It is common knowledge that humans are hurting the planet earth in a very dangerous manner. Scientists have been warning about this for years, but many people never took it seriously.

Actually, we don't need science to tell us that our everyday decisions are affecting the environment. If you can take a step to some of the dumpsites in your city, you will get an idea of what the situation is.

If you live in a very clean city, a simple image search 'worst dump sites', will give you an idea of what humans have turned our planet into.

If you are concerned about the planet, there are so many things you can do to help. It is best, however, that you start with yourself first.

If most of us can change and try living more sustainably, the war against environmental degradation will be easier to win. Are you willing to give it a shot? Here are helpful tips on how to live sustainably:


1. Cut Down On Electricity with the Right Appliances

While scientists are trying to discover and perfect alternative energy sources, you can help by cutting down on your electricity usage.

Household energy puts a lot of pressure on the national grid. To generate more electricity, fossil fuel is needed.

By using energy-efficient home appliances and cutting down on how much you use common appliances, you can help in some ways.

An example of using the right appliances is the use of air coolers instead of air conditioners. It is common knowledge that air conditioners consume a lot of electricity.

Air coolers are far better alternatives that will minimize electricity consumption and offer several other benefits.

2. Watch What You Eat

If you depend much on food items made in foreign countries, you are inadvertently contributing to environmental degradation.

Many of us assume that shopping for organic food in major supermarkets is sustainable without thinking of how such foods are packaged and transported to our country.

If you want to live sustainably, you must learn to eat locally. Avoid processed food and also buy home-grown food from farmers markets. You should also avoid food wastage.

3. Save Water

You will be doing the world a lot of good by conserving household water usage. Many people use water indiscriminately both indoors and outdoors, thinking that the concept of water-cycle means that no harm is being done. This is far from the truth.

Try to save water by installing water-efficient toilets, water-saving showerheads, and similar innovations. You can also use landscaping adapted to your local environment to help save water outdoors. You should consider drinking from tap too, or using a reusable water bottle you can always refill, instead of relying on bottled water.


4. Become a Smarter Shopping

Shopping appears very harmless when you don’t look deep. The truth is that the more we buy, the more we contribute to environmental degradation and encourage it too.

Shopping is a direct way to increase your carbon footprint: the less you do it, the better. Stop impulse buying and never let anyone convince you to buy what you know you don’t need.

Again, conquer the urge to buy foreign-made products when you have local alternatives. When consumers show that they want to live sustainably, major corporations will make environmentally-friendly changes.

5. Resell and Donate Items

Disposing of every item you feel you don't need again is not recommended if you want to live sustainably. Most of what you consider unusable will be valuable to some other people.

By reselling such items like computers, cellphones, televisions, and the rest, you will help minimize e-waste and its many consequences. There is no limit to what you can resell or donate: clothing and toys do very well in the second-hand market too.

If you are not comfortable with reselling your used items, consider donating them. You can give out to people you know or donate the items to charity organizations that are willing to accept them.

6. Pay Attention to Labels

It is important that you look at any item you are about to purchase carefully. If you care much about environmental conservation, you can boycott products that endanger wildlife.

From plastic-packaged items to fashion items made from wild animal leather or fur, avoid everything you know will compromise the environment.

You should also buy energy-star products like air coolers and others. Look at the labels closely and ensure that it is consistent with your new way of life before buying any product.


8. Eliminate A Few Single-Use Products from Your Life

Plastic cutlery, water bottles, grocery bags, and paper towels are a few examples of the single-use products that are popular across the world. By making conscious efforts, you can phase single-used products out of your life.

Start with one product at a time. Go for reusable alternatives like canvas bags, bamboo utensils, reusable bottles, and many others.

9. Think Twice Before Throwing Anything Away

The next time you want to throw something away, think twice before you do that. You may find out that you have sustainable alternatives to dumping a few things into a trash can.

While some items have a very short lifespan, think of other things you can do with them or the possibility of recycling.

10. Stay Informed and Get Involved

Information is power and can help you in all aspects of your life. If you are truly desirous of living sustainably, try to stay informed at all costs. This is just a simple post with ten tips on how to live sustainably. There are many other helpful resources you can find.

Again, you should try to get involved in the campaign in your little way. You don't have to be a big-time environmentalist; educating others around you can go a long way in helping the course.  

Living sustainably is an honorable decision. It may mean denying yourself of few conveniences you are used to, but the results are always worth it.

We hope these tips help you make better decisions for the sake of our planet.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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