How to Enjoy Hot Summer Days without Getting Heatstroke?

Last updated April. 06, 2020

Summer days are to be enjoyed. When the sun is shining and the day is warm enough for everyone, there are several activities we can all enjoy.

What happens when it suddenly gets too hot? There are several options to consider, including retreating indoors and running your air cooler or other air cooling devices you own. You can also decide to keep having fun indoors or outdoors.

While enjoying your summer is a good thing, things can go sour if you or anyone around you succumb to heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses.

Heatstroke is particularly more dreadful as it can be fatal if adequate medical attention is not given in time. While immediate medical attention can save you and your loved ones from heatstroke, it is better when you prevent it in the first place.

How can you prevent heatstroke while enjoying hot summer days? Here are some important things to keep in mind when outdoors:


Do Not Leave Anyone in a Parked Car

This is the number one rule when you are going outdoors in summer. Many cases of fatal heatstroke result from people being left in a parked car.

It doesn't matter whether the windows are opened or wound down. People shouldn't sit inside a parked car during summer as the car interior can get too hot and cause overheating.

Children and the elderly are most susceptible to this situation. Pets too can suffer heatstroke when left inside a parked car.

It is better that you leave someone in the house rather than to let them stay inside a parked car even for a few minutes.

Reduce Your Activity Level When the Day Becomes Too Hot

It is a good thing to enjoy yourself in the manner you love during the summer. It is important, however, to watch your level of activity when the day becomes too hot.

The major contributing factors to heatstroke include exposure to intense heat, dehydration, and physical exertion. You must limit your level of physical activity.

Even if you are having fun outdoors and the day becomes very hot, slow down or stop entirely to rest and hydrate.

Wear Loose-Fitting, Lightweight, and Light-Colored Clothing

Your clothing significantly influences your chances of suffering heatstroke or not. If you must have fun in summer, make sure you have clothes that are appropriate for summer.

Loose-fitting, lightweight clothing is highly recommended. You should also choose light-colored clothing when heading outdoors for summer activities.

When you wear the right things, you will feel more comfortable and also minimize your risks of suffering heatstroke and related illnesses.


Drink Enough Fluid

Taking enough fluid during summer days is another important way to enjoy your summer without risking your life.

Your body needs all the fluid it can get to keep it cool when the environmental temperature is getting too harsh. If you are outdoors and sweating, you even need more water.

Even if you are not sweating and losing fluid, you need enough water to keep your core body temperature down.

Besides water, few other fluids can help. Desist from alcohol and drinks with caffeine or a lot of sugar. If you are in doubt, stick to water.

Avoid Alcohol and Any Drink That Can Cause Dehydration

There are certain things to avoid during hot summer days, and alcohol is part of them.

You must have had that drinking more can be helpful during the hot season, but alcoholic beverages are not the right fluid to drink.

Instead of helping you to rehydrate, alcohol will do the exact opposite and increase the chances of dehydration.

In addition to alcohol, coffee, and other caffeine-rich drinks, including energy drinks are not suitable for summer.

Eat Cold Meals and Treats

You can also benefit so much from eating cold food during the hot periods of the day. Fruit salads are particularly nice and comforting when you are dealing with excessive heat.

Ice creams can be beneficial too, and it is a good thing that they are readily available in some of the places you will spend summer afternoons. You can also prepare healthy summer treats for yourself and your family.


Protect Yourself from the Sun While Outdoors

Direct exposure to the sun can hurt you in different ways. Heatstroke is only one of several illnesses you can suffer when you expose yourself so much.

Before noticing any symptom of heatstroke, you may experience other issues like sunburn and eye damage.

Take steps to protect yourself from direct sunlight. You can wear hats and sunglasses to protect yourself. You should also apply sunscreen before stepping out and reapply as frequently as necessary.

Take Frequent Breaks from Any Activity and Drink Fluid Frequently Too

If you are engaged in any activity, it is important that you take frequent breaks to give your body the rest it deserves.

As stated earlier, physical exertion is one of the most significant factors that contribute to heatstroke. You can avoid it by taking frequent breaks from whatever task you are involved in.

You should also take enough water or other acceptable fluid during your break.

Use Air Coolers Whenever and Wherever It Becomes Necessary

You will need your air cooler more than before if you want to have a fun summer. While some models are meant to be left at home, some can be transported easily and used anywhere there is electricity supply.

If you are going for a fun activity and there is a chance that you can use your portable air cooler there, take one along with you.

Even while camping during summer, an air cooler can help keep every member of your household cool, happy, and healthy.

Develop and Follow a Heatstroke Prevention Plan

Understanding that heatstroke is a deadly condition that can happen to anyone during harsh summer days, having a good plan and adapting heatstroke prevention measures can help you in so many ways.

Plan your day very well and take every necessary step to stay safe and keep people around you safe even as you have fun.

Heatstroke is a serious health condition you should never take for granted. When medical attention is not readily available, heatstroke can cause organ damage or even death.

It is essential, therefore, that you prevent it in the first place. The tips discussed here should help you have fun without suffering heatstroke.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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