Can I Sleep With The Air Cooler On At Night?

Last updated May. 18, 2020

The human body needs quality sleep more than most of us realize. There are so many factors that affect sleep quality, and the temperature of the room is just one of them.

In summer months, when night temperature can get really high, falling asleep and sustaining a deep quality sleep can be very difficult.

To combat the heat in many places around the world, people have been using different solutions. The most prominent ones are air conditioners, air coolers, and fans.

Over the years, many have realized that the air cooler is the best solution for them when important factors like cost and efficiency are considered. Air coolers consume less electricity compared to air conditioners. If you already own one, you must have enjoyed the many benefits.

But is it okay to sleep with the air cooler on at night? In order words, are there consequences of leaving your air cooler on as you sleep?


What Are Your Concerns?

There are many reasons people ask whether it is okay to leave their air cooler units running throughout the night. The first and most important concern is health-related.

Some people are concerned that sleeping with the machine running till morning can have health consequences, just as has been reported with the use of air conditioners.

Some people are also concerned about the possible cost implication of running an electronic cooling solution like an air cooler overnight. Wouldn’t it be too expensive?

We will address all these concerns, so read between the lines to avoid missing out on any point.

Is It Safe To Sleep With The Air Cooler On At Night?

In terms of health reasons, it is very safe to sleep with your air cooler on. In fact, this is one major advantage the machine has over traditional air conditioners.

It generally doesn’t make the temperature as cold as a traditional air conditioner will do. The chances of becoming too cold to the extent of feeling sick from the use of air coolers are almost non-existent.

Still, on the issue of health safety, the quality of air produced by air cooling solutions are always in question. While there are chances that the air quality from air conditioners can be compromised, the chances are much lower in air coolers.

This is because air coolers are simple machines that operate on the natural evaporative cooling mechanism. Air and water are used in the process, so the resultant air is always clean.

Again, air coolers do not recycle the same stale air. It removes stale air from the room while accepting fresh air from outside.

The fresh air is also filtered when it passes through the moist cooling pads inside the machine. Overall, the quality of air from the air cooler is always high. This means there is almost no health risk when you use it overnight.


Will It Be Too Costly To Run An Air Cooler Overnight?

As mentioned earlier, people are also concerned about the cost implication of running an air cooler throughout the night.

This is a reasonable concern, considering that running an air conditioner for hours can significantly skyrocket energy bill.

It is important to categorically state that using an air cooler will not sabotage your financial life. In fact, this is another significant advantage the machine has over the traditional air conditioner.

Air coolers generally consume very little energy when compared to air conditioners. Some use as little as 15 – 20% of the amount of electricity used by air conditioners.

This means air coolers are energy efficient and running them for several hours in the night will not have even a quarter of the effect running an air conditioner will have on your budget for the same period.

So, Can You Sleep With Air Cooler On At Night?

From what we know and what we've discussed already, you can sleep throughout the night with your air coolers on.

There are no health reasons not to do that. In fact, it is vital that you run your air cooler while sleeping if you live in a very hot climate where the temperature gets very high at night.

Staying cool will prevent heat-related illness. Again, sleeping with your air cooler on will meaningfully improve your sleep quality. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed, which can lead to falling asleep quicker and sustaining a long, quality sleep.

Coming to the economic and financial implication of sleeping with your air cooler on, there is no reason to be afraid of running an air cooler unit till daybreak.

If you own one of those little portable air coolers, running it all night throughout summer will not have any significant impact on your electricity bill.

Just like most fans, they consume very little energy, and there is no chance of your energy bill skyrocketing as a result of sleeping with such small units running.

Are There Other Benefits Of Sleeping With The Air Cooler On At Night?

The primary benefit of sleeping with your air cooler on is comfort. You need to be comfortable and prevent heat-related illnesses during the summer.

Your air cooler will help you do that. Again, quality sleep is essential for your overall health. If using your air cooler will help you to sleep better, you should certainly use it.

The fact that air cooler will help to bring in fresh air into your room and get rid of stale air at the same time is an added advantage.


A Word of Caution

While it is entirely safe to sleep with your air cooler on, you must remain cautious. It is not recommended, for instance, to run the machine at full speed when you want to sleep.

If the air becomes very chilled, there is no need to keep the device running. Put it off before sleeping off.

You should also be conscious of how you open your windows to let in fresh air for the efficiency of the air cooler. There must be some barrier that will keep unwanted visitors like bugs off.

You should also know that air coolers don't work well in a highly humid environment. If you live in a humid climate, think twice about buying an air cooler.

If you are sleeping with your unit on, make sure there are ways the moist air from the machine can escape from to avoid moisture buildup.

Final Thoughts

You can sleep with your air cooler on if you feel it is necessary. There are no health concerns, and it wouldn't cost you so much.

You should be careful with the settings of the device, and how you condition your bedroom before sleeping off with your air cooler running till daybreak. When used the right way, your air cooler may have other benefits.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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