How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Last updated Feb. 10, 2020

There are so many fun things about the summer; the heat is not part of them. Heat is considered by many as the single factor that ruins the joy of the summer.

The ambient temperature indoors and outdoors can get too high in the summer that it will not only make us uncomfortable but sick too.

Extreme cases of heat waves when not addressed can even result in a fatal health condition called heatstroke.

Taking care of the indoor temperature is important for all households. This is a challenging undertaking, however, as some of the methods adopted by many are not so effective. Even the use of air conditioners that are mostly effective has some significant disadvantages.

Since they consume lots of electricity, AC units can easily escalate the energy usage of a household when used consistently during the summer.

They also compromise the indoor air quality in different ways, making most people go for alternative methods of home cooling.

Wondering how to keep your home cool this summer? We will discuss some of the methods we believe represent your best options right here:


Keep Your Window Blinds Closed

Your windows contribute significantly to the temperature issues you experience in your home.

A good portion of the heat you experience indoors comes through the windows and taking steps to cut them out can help to a good degree.

You can start by closing your blinds or keeping the curtains down during the hottest hours of the day.

Take a General Look at Your Home Insulation

One of the most important things you can do to combat the issue of summer heat is to take another good look at your home insulation.

It is never fun to spend money on insulation but the comfort it can bring you during the summer and the money it can help you save on the long run should be enough to make you consider it this season.

By blocking all the places hot air can enter your home and cool air can escape from, you will keep your home cool in a great condition all year round.

Apply Heat Reducing Films on the Windows

Another way to make sure that your windows are not contributing too much to indoor high temperature is to apply heat reducing films on the windows.

There are reflective, heat-reducing window films that you can easily find on the market and install on your windows to take care of incoming sun rays.

These films are very wonderful investments even though they don’t cost much.

In addition to helping to keep the home cool in the summer, they will work in reverse during the cold months, helping to keep your home warmer in the winter.


Learn How Best To Use Your Windows

Besides giving your windows some treatment, there are other ways to hack them to improve comfort in summer.

Keeping them shut during the hottest times of the day will protect your home from solar energy and prevent it from getting too hot.

You should also open your windows at night and in the early morning hours when the air coming is usually cool.

This will help you sleep better even when you are not running an air cooler or air conditioner. It will also help you enjoy afternoons better indoors.

Hack Your Fans

Technically, fans do not cool the air. They make us feel more comfortable by circulating the air faster and helping to remove the heat that leaves our bodies by convection.

There are tricks, however, you can employ to make your fans cool your home.

One of the simplest hacks is to place a bowl of ice in front of a large fan so that the air coming from the fan whips off the ice.

You can also run your ceiling fans counterclockwise in summer months to draw the cooler air upward and improve the comfort level in your home.

You can also run bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to help dispel the rising warm air from the home and make your indoor space cooler.

Unplug Most Appliances

The summer is not the time to leave some home appliances you are not using plugged in. From computers to televisions, everything you plug into a socket generates some amount of heat.

Turning your electronics may not be enough as most of them continue to dissipate heat as long as they are plugged in. You will do well to unplug them completely.


Ditch the Bad Light Bulbs

You may be surprised to see that there are still many households using incandescent light bulbs even though it is common knowledge that they are bad and outdated.

In addition to consuming a large amount of electricity, incandescent light bulbs generate lots of heat.

Using them inside your home during the summer can be hellish. It is time to ditch them for good and replace with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Reconsider Your Cooking Habits

Most people do not have the slightest idea of how much their cooking contribute to the temperature issue in their home.

The appliances used for cooking like ovens and stoves, as well as cooking methods like boiling and frying, generate serious heat that can make your home a lot more uncomfortable.

One simple change to make is to start cooking only during the cool hours like late night and early morning. You can also switch to grilling outdoors instead of cooking indoors.

Swap Your Sheets

It is always harder to sleep when the heat is too much. You can make your bed a lot cooler and comfortable by switching to better sheet this season.

Textiles like flannel sheets and fleece blankets are not good for the season and you have to put them away.

Go for cotton sheets instead as they breathe easier and make you more comfortable when you sleep in the summer. You should also change your pillowcases.


Use an Air Cooler the Right Way

Air coolers are regarded as the best solution for households in hot and dry climates.

These machines have lots of advantages including low energy consumption and circulation of fresh cool through a natural and clean process.

Installing them and using them the right way will make your summer a lot easier and comfortable. Open the windows slightly when using these machines indoors.

You can also use them with dehumidifiers when the humidity starts to build up in your home.

Being comfortable in your home during summer means you must find healthy and effective tips to create a cooler home.

The points raised and briefly discussed here can go a long way in helping you. Adopt them to make your home better for everyone this summer.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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