How Weather Affects Your Mood and Productivity

Last updated April. 13, 2020

The weather has more effect on us than most of us care to admit. It is scientifically proved that humans respond to changing weather conditions in a specific manner.

In other words, the weather affects how we behave many times and can have several effects on our mood and level of productivity in workplaces.

Besides weather changes, our personalities and learned habits also affect mood and productivity.

There are summer lovers, summer haters, rain hatters, as well as people who feel indifferent about the seasons. Different personality traits will also affect how each individual responds to the weather.

While it is generally accepted that weather can affect mood and productivity, it is also an open secret that people can fix whatever issue they have with the weather and enhance their productivity, regardless of the prevailing weather situation.

Do you want to know how the weather may be affecting your mood and productivity?

We will discuss the major conditions and how you can respond to them in the most positive manner:


Rainy Days

For most people, rainy days are gloomy days. It has been found that the moods of humans are always lower on rainy days than they are when the sun is shining.

You will likely be preoccupied with counting down to when you will have to leave the office and get home.

You may also be distressed about the idea of getting wet, hoping that the rain can stop, especially when it is time to go home.

In most instances, the gloomy feeling brought about by rainy days affects productivity negatively. The ability to self-motivate is always missing or at a minimal level for most people.

It is even hard for superiors to get subordinates to put their mind and spirit to the tasks at hand.

There are few people who are not negatively affected by rainy days. People with a proactive personality and strong work ethic may be able to perform excellently even during rainy days.

Some may even experience heightened productivity as they spend less time outside their desks. The temptations of outdoor activities are minimal, so they give their best in the workplace.

What You Can Do About It

If you are one of those who are negatively affected by rainy days or work with a team with individuals in the category, there are few simple ways to help.

Besides self-motivation, a simple gesture like a cup of coffee/tea can do the trick. Any effort to get the mood up can be rewarding.

Sunny Days

For most people, sunny days come with several positive things. Sunshine makes people feel enthusiastic and is linked to a great mood.

An average sunny day, therefore, will have you feeling great and ready to get things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

There is a limit to the benefits sunny days can bring, however. If it becomes too hot and you become sweaty, enthusiasm can quickly turn to irritability.

You will be considerably uncomfortable, and this will eventually lead to a drop in productivity.

Even when the weather is not too hot, a few other things can impact your productivity negatively.

There are chances that you will be preoccupied with things you want to engage in after the day's work, and that can be a significant distraction.


What You Can Do About It

On sunny days, you just have to keep your mood and spirit up if you want to achieve more. It is always about making the working condition optimal.

In instances when the day becomes too hot, the air cooler can quickly come to the rescue. In fact, using an air cooler shouldn't be restricted to when you have already started feeling sweaty.

The device is essential to keep your working space as cool and fresh as it should be, and you should always run it. You can also have some sweet, cold treats from time to time to keep core temperature cool.

Cold Days

If you live in a climate where the temperature can get too cold, your mood and productivity level will definitely be affected by the temperature issue.

While your winter coats and boots will help you defy the weather and report to your workplace, they can’t get your mood up or help you to maintain the level of productivity required of you.

Your mood on cold days is not only affected by the cold. Lack of sunshine, which is an integral part of cold days, can also make you feel unnecessarily moody.

The days are also shorter during cold days, and you will have nothing serious to look forward to. Lack of enthusiasm will have a negative impact on your productivity.

What You Can Do About It

There are a few things you can do to address the cold and its impact on your mood and productivity. The first is to adopt flexible measures to enjoy the sunlight.

You can decide to take more breaks than you usually do during sunny days.

Step outside when there is a little sunshine, too. You can also find something nice and hot to drink during cold days. A cup of coffee/ tea can do the trick, also.


The Ideal Work Space

While the weather can truly affect your mood and productivity, your workspace is the most critical factor if you want to perform optimally at all times.

Being able to customize your workspace to suit your style and remain as comfortable as possible is a great way to protect yourself from the negative impacts of weather on mood and productivity.

But how do you customize your workspace to serve you better? You have to decide this. Great, minimalistic design is one simple way to get started.

You should also consider investing in a suitable air cooler that will help to keep your workspace cool and comfortable during hot days.

If you live in an icy climate, a heating system will also be required during winter.


The weather, undoubtedly, affects your mood and productivity. While sunshine, rain, and other weather elements can have an impact on your mood, productivity is mostly affected by temperature.

To minimize the effect of weather on you, and optimize your productivity at all times, make sure you invest in devices that can control the temperature in your workplace efficiently.

An air cooler will do this perfectly for most people in different parts of the world.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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