Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioners this Summer

Last updated March. 02, 2020

Summer months can be super-enjoyable. Depending on where you live and what you can afford, there are so many reasons to love summer.

In the midst of all the positive things, there are things about the summer that can be depressing. The chief of these negative factors is the temperature condition of the season.

Summer can get so hot in some places that people will suffer heat-related injuries or illnesses if appropriate measures are not taken.

In most homes and offices, air conditioners have always been used to cool indoor air temperature and improve comfort level.

This practice however, is not without its own share of negativities. For a start, air conditioners are expensive and consume so much electricity. In addition to this, they pose health issues and degrade the environment at the same time.

There have been several calls for individuals to ditch the old A/C systems and embrace energy-efficient and eco-friendly air cooling solutions.

Do you want to keep your home cool without running up your energy bill? Are you willing to explore air cooling solutions other than air conditioners?

We will discuss some of the most reliable ways you can stay cool without A/C this summer and beyond:


1. Block the Sun from Entering

When it comes to staying cool during the summer, the temperature of your indoor space is the most determining factor. Keeping the temperature under control should be your primary concern.

The best way to make this happen, of course, is to prevent the indoor space from heating up in the first place.

By closing your windows and using curtains and blinds strategically, you will be able to prevent direct sunlight from reaching your indoor space.

By successfully keeping your indoor space cool, everyone will feel cooler and the need for an air conditioner will be reduced.

2. Run Fans Strategically

You can also use your fans in different ways to stay cool during the summer. Though fans do not really cool the air, they can effectively help you to stay cool when you use them the right way.

You can start by setting up your fans in windows or hallways where they can draw in cool air from the outside and push the stale warm air out from another part.

You can also hack your ceiling fan to supply cool gentle breeze when you need it.

3. Invest In a Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is another important alternative to air conditioner. While it may not be too cheap, the major advantage of this type of fan over an A/C unit is the low amount of electricity it consumes.

It will keep the energy cost of staying cool down and will not mess with the quality of your indoor air.

The big fan is especially useful for individuals who don’t need to cool their homes all year round: they will be very helpful during the few hot weeks of the year.


4. Use Air Coolers to Cool Your Home

This is, to a great extent, the most reliable way to stay cool without air conditioners during the summer.

Air cooler has emerged as the machine of choice for individuals who live in warm dry climates. It is an important air cooling solution with lots of benefits for households and businesses.

The most important thing about air coolers is that they are quite efficient (except in highly humid climate).

They can always bring temperature down to a level that will keep you and your entire household or staff cool.

They do this without consuming so much electricity. In fact, most models consume just about 20% of what most standard A/C units consume to achieve the same amount of cooling.

Air coolers are also environmentally friendly. They come in different forms including portable machines you can use as a personal cooling device anywhere in your home/car/office.

5. Take Cold Bath More Often

You will also benefit so much from taking cold showers in the summer. If you have a private mini swimming pool, lounging in it for about half an hour or more can be therapeutic during the hottest times of the year.

To spice things up, you can bring your favorite beverage and a book while hanging out in the refreshing waters. You can also consider using peppermint soap for your cold bath as it offers a special cooling feeling that will linger for a while.

6. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is another way to stay cool in the summer. We all need water to stay hydrated and a lack of it in the body will cause several levels of harm.

Drinking a lot of water and other cooling fluids will keep your core body temperature down and improve comfort.

Drinking as much cooling fluids as you need is more efficient than applying cold things to your exterior.


7. Try Different Frozen Treats

Summer is the right time to try your favorite frozen treats. You will naturally yearn for these treats when the temperature gets too hot.

To make sure you are getting enough, try different frozen treats in a day. You can achieve dietary requirements and keep your body cool by trying special popsicles.

Do not limit yourself to ice water, rather, mix delicious icy chilled treats for the best experience.

8. Wear the Appropriate Clothes

The way you dress can also affect how cool you will feel at any point. If summer heat is a big issue for you, you need to shake up your wardrobe to be ready for it.

Bright and loose fitting clothes are the best for the season.

9. Freeze Your Sheets

Freezing your sheet is another way to sleep cool when you don’t have or don’t want to run an air conditioner.

There are special sheets for the summer but you can also put your sheets in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer a couple of hours before bedtime. Get them out when you want to sleep and lay on your cool bed.

10. Invest In a Cooling Pillow or Sheet Set

There are pillows and sheets that are designed to keep us cool even as we sleep. They may cost a little too much but they work great.

They will keep you cool once you are in bed and will help you sleep well even without an A/C system.

Summer is an interesting season with lots of things to offer. Heat is one of the negative consequences of summer and everyone tries to manage it.

The use of air conditioners is effective but very expensive. It also has negative impacts on indoor air quality and the environment, which is why there are calls for people to replace them.

We have discussed different ways to stay cool without A/C units including the use of the efficient and cost-effective air coolers.

We hope that this post helps you find the suitable means to stay cool this summer and beyond.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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