Fun Family Things to Do During Load Shedding

Last updated Feb. 03, 2020

Load shedding is a necessary evil. According to Eskom, it is necessary to ensure the security of electricity supply to service the South African economy and society.

As unpleasant as it may seem, we all need to accept the reality that this issue is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Accepting load shedding as a reality in modern-day South Africa does not mean you should be gloomy when Eskom pulls the plug.

The experience is not rosy but there are ways to turn the situation around. The make the best out of load shedding, there are fun activities you can enjoy with your family. Here are some fun and highly recommended ones:


Play Some Traditional Games as a Family

Chances are that your children are not familiar with some of the games you played as a kid.

They may want to resort to their smartphones when the power goes off and you can save them some screen time.

There is no better way to do this than to introduce them to the traditional games you grew up playing.

Playing such games as 'hide and seek', 'diketo', 'blind man's bluff' and 'hopscotch' will be a great way to bond as a family.

You can also try board games like monopoly. Besides using this time to bond as a family, your little ones can learn so much from these games.

Eat In

This may sound naughty but can also be a good way to spend your time when electric power goes out.

Take a look into your freezer and bring out some of the edible items most of your family members consider as treats.

It will be a great idea to go for the ice cream in the freezer which is just starting to defrost. Let everyone have a share of the goodies as you wait for power to be restored.

You can also eat by candlelight. It is always romantic and there is nothing wrong with making your home romantic once again.


Have a Braai

You don’t need electricity to have a braai. In fact, load shedding is an excellent excuse to have one. Invite your family and friend in time for a braai session.

If you don’t feel like doing everything by yourself, call for a bring and braai, and you may end up having serious fun with your family and friends when the rest of the city is mourning the outage.

Get Outdoors with Those Who Are Willing

You can also decide to take a walk outdoors. This can be very rewarded if you have spent several hours indoors. It can also be a lot of fun if you go with some of your family members.

You can just walk, ride on bicycles or do whatever will make everyone happy. You can also use the opportunity to teach the little ones about the outdoor environment.

Light a Fire

If your home feature a fire pit, there is no better time to make use of it than now. You can easily get some coal, wood, and matches to make a fire. Bond with your family with marshmallows around the fire.

While the fire is keeping the mood up, you can use this wonderful opportunity to tell your family history to the little ones.

You can tell other kinds of stories you know they will find interesting and can teach them some life lessons.

You may never know how it feels to spend quality time with your family around a fire till you try it.

Appreciate Nature and Seize the Opportunity to Teach Your Kids

Load shedding also provides an ample opportunity for people to get closer to nature.

Going outdoors for some fresh air may be helpful but you can appreciate nature right from the comfort of your home with every family member.

Nighttime preset even a bigger opportunity to do this. Sit outside or even lie down and appreciate the heavens.

You can also teach your little ones about the starts you are appreciating and our moon. You can also use the time for inner reflection.


Read a Book with Your Little Ones

It is also a great idea to read books during load shading. The size of your family or the age of some members doesn’t really matter.

There are great books you can read as a family to learn life lessons and other important values. If you have only little children, you can read a children book to them.

If some can read, you should encourage them to read too. You can all take time reading the same book aloud so that everyone is following the story and learning the lessons.

Have a Family Dance-Off Competition

This is another crazy idea that can make your family members accept load shedding and even look forward to it with enthusiasm.

There are many devices you can use to play music for this entertaining exercise: any smartphone can do just that. Get everyone dancing with a promise of reward for the overall winner.

You can also make the exercise more competitive and entertaining by making a rule that mandates the loser to perform some chores afterwards.

The chore shouldn’t be too serious so that it doesn’t appear like punishment.

Get Everyone Involved In Spring Cleaning

If you really want to do something productive, spring cleaning will be a good idea. It doesn't have to be spring before you get your home clean.

You can use the opportunity light shedding offers to do some of the tasks that don't need electricity. Make sure you get every capable hand involved in the exercise.

As mentioned in the introductory part of this article, load shedding is not going away anytime soon.

We all must find ways to stay happy and positive when there is a power outage. The fun activities discussed here can be very helpful to you and every of your family members.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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