Easy Hacks to Reduce Power Consumption At Home

Last updated September. 17, 2020

Most households pay way more than they should for electricity. This does not mean that the electricity company is billing them more than necessary.

They are just getting the bill for the power they consume at home. Again, most if not all of these households want to reduce how much they pay. They just don't know how to do it.

Are you paying too much in electricity bill? There are ways to cut down on how much you pay.

Even if you can comfortably afford what you are being billed, you can reduce your household power consumption and use the extra money for something better.

Are you eager to learn how to do that? Here are easy hacks that can help you tremendously:


Use Evaporative Air Coolers Instead Of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are among the biggest energy-consuming appliances in most households. This is one of the reasons you will notice that your energy bills suddenly shoot up astronomically during summer.

There are ways you can hack the air conditioner to reduce energy consumption, but it is better that you ditch it for a better option.

Evaporative air coolers are the perfect air cooler solutions for people who live in hot, dry climates.

They consume far less energy than air conditioners and offer lots of other benefits.

By replacing your air conditioners with these eco-friendly cooling devices, you can significantly cut down on energy consumption, save more money, and improve the quality of your indoor air.


Insulate Your Windows

Proper insulation will save you a lot of troubles year-round. Your windows are strategic to your heating and cooling needs.

When they don't have proper insulation, they will let in hot air and make the indoor temperature terrible during summer. They will also let in cold air during winter and make your home much colder.

Windows that are not properly insulated are also leaking points that will undermine your effort to cool or heat your home. Getting them properly insulated will help you use less energy to cool or heat your home.

Turn Down the Thermostat at Night

It is understandable that you will want to sleep cool, but leaving your thermostat at the same level throughout the night will always lead to waste.

The truth is that once you fall asleep, you will hardly feel how cold or hot your home is.

The simple trick that will help you preserve energy while sleeping comfortably is to turn down the thermostat when you are about to sleep.

This can help the house to remain cool even during the morning hours, meaning you won’t run your air conditioner or air cooler in the morning.

Pack Your Freezer More Tightly At Night

When your freezer has a lot of room, cold air will escape in large quantity anytime you open it up.

When you close it back, the freezer will have to work harder to produce more and keep the things inside cold.

By packing the freezer more tightly, it will retain more cold air even when you open it. This also means that it will not work too long and too hard to produce cold air.

This way, the things inside will remain cold and preserved without running up your electricity usage.

Even if you don’t have enough food to fill up the freezer, use things like bags of ice or even newspapers.

Unplug Any Appliance You Are Not Using

You may feel some of your appliances are not consuming power just because you are not using them. This is only possible when you have unplugged it from the power supply.

Once it is plugged into a power outlet, it is using standby power, which is actually a total waste. If you haven't used any appliance for a month, unplug it from power source and save some electricity.


Air Dry Your Clothes

During summer, you don't really need dryers for your clothes. The air can do that perfectly for you at zero cost. This is more practical during summer.

Dry air, coupled with the energy from the sun, can get your clothes completely dried in a matter of minutes or a few hours.

When you choose this option, you will completely cut out the entire electricity used by the dryers.

If you know the power consumption of dryers, you will know that this can potentially save your household a lot of money. It doesn't cost much to put up come cloths lines for air-drying your clothes.

Quit Using Hot Water in Electric Washer

There is no real benefit in washing your clothes with hot water. Rather than enjoying some perceived benefits, you are using more electricity and running up your energy bill.

This is unnecessary and wasteful. Always wash with cold water to reduce power consumption.

Unless you have some seriously dirty cloths, always stick to cold water while doing your laundry. In addition to saving energy costs, cold water will protect your clothes.

Wash Full Loads of Laundry

How often do you do your laundry? How many clothes do you normally throw into the washer at a time?

Some feel that it doesn't really matter how often they switch on the washing machine to do their laundry. This is not entirely true. Doing little laundry in several batches will lead to wastage.

One way to minimize the electricity you use for laundry is to wash full loads instead of small ones. Pile up your dirty clothes until they can make full loads before washing them.

Use Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

You shouldn’t be using incandescent bulbs in this century. There are places they have been banned outright.

If this is not yet the case in your locality, take the bold step of replacing all your lighting fixtures with energy-saving ones.

There are several energy-saving LED light bulbs in the market. Use them in your home and reduce energy consumption.


Turn Off Your Lights When You Don’t Need Them

You don’t need your lights on when they are not helping you. You don’t need the lights on during the day, and you certainly don’t need them on when you are not home.

You can even switch off the bulbs in your rooms when you are not using the rooms at that time. Switching off the lights when you want to sleep can also help.

What we have discussed here are easy hacks that can help you cut down on your electricity consumption. Individually, they may not do much, but when you combine these hacks, they can help you tremendously.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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