Last updated Aug. 31, 2016

Here is a quick comparison between Air Coolers and Air conditioners to help you decide which one to buy :

# Air coolers Air Conditioners
1. Cools the air. It can alter the air by cooling or heating it.
2. It uses water to cool the air. It uses a chemical coolant to cool the air.
3. More environmentally friendly. Less environmentally friendly.
4. Consumes less electricity. Consumes a lot of electricity.
5. Work best in hot and dry areas. Work effectively in hot, dry and humid areas.
6. Eco-friendly and Green. Environmentally Harmful, releases CFS's.
7. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Can only be used indoors.
8. Less effective cooling compared to AC. Powerful cooling even on humid days.
9. Healthy and natural evaporation of water and no harmful refrigerative gases. Uses harmful refrigerative gases bad for environment and health.

The purpose of using air coolers and air conditioners is pretty much the same; to turn hot air into cool air. Although the science behind these methods is quite different. It is beneficial to know these differences to decide which one might be the best for you.

The difference between Evaporative cooling and Air Conditioning lies in the operation. Evaporative air coolers use electrical power to provide a cooling effect. A motor pumps water into water-soaked pads and a fan pushes air through the pad to produce cool air. Water is continually pumped onto the top of the pad to ensure that the pad stays saturated, thus producing cool air.


Air Coolers work best in places with dry heat and low humidity in the air since evaporative air coolers add moisture to the air.

To give a natural, simplified example of evaporative cooling; think of sweat. Sweat cools your body through evaporation. However, when you go jogging on a humid day, sweat accumulates on your skin, because it doesn’t evaporate fast enough. The same applies to evaporative air coolers. When you use it on humid days it will not drop the temperatures to the same level as on a dry, sunny day.

Evaporative cooling is a healthy and a cost-effective means of cooling air and can save up to 80% of energy costs when compared to air conditioners. Evaporative cooling also requires open windows and doors to exhaust as much air as it intakes so one can leave the doors and windows open and even use it outdoors.

On the other hand, Air Conditioners alter the properties of air, temperature and humidity, to more favourable conditions. Air conditioners work in all seasons. They can heat as well as cool and help reduce humidity. They use a chemical coolant to cool the air. Air conditioners can be very powerful because they make use of refrigeration system which requires more energy to function and cool the air.

Since it is a closed process, leaving a window or door open lets the cool air escape and thus consumption of more power to produce cool air.

Air conditioners are very effective for both humid and dry areas but require a lot of electricity to function. They thus turn out to be more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

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