Are Air Coolers Pocket-Friendly?

Last updated Jan. 20, 2020

Staying cool in the summer is very important. It is a real business you should never take for granted.

Not doing anything about the temperature situation will mean you will be uncomfortable throughout the season.

This will affect your mood all day long and all night long and will also have a real negative impact on your productivity at work.

If you are a business owner and need your employees to perform optimally, you will also need to keep the workplace cool at all times.

Besides discomfort and reduced productivity, excessive heat can have other dire consequences. There are heat-related health conditions you should avoid.

Heatstroke, which is a fatal issue, is one of them and you must avoid it at all cost by installing air cooling solutions in your place of residence as well as in commercial buildings.

One of the major issues people have with air cooling solutions is their cost implications.

Keeping cool is not cheap and those who are trying to keep their expenses down will always find it challenging to keep cool during summer.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. Air conditioners (which many people rely on for cooling) are generally expensive.

They also consume lots of electricity and will lead to increased energy bill in the summer. This is not the case with air coolers, which is why many people are turning to them.


What are Air Coolers?

Though air coolers are quite popular now, there are still people who don’t fully understand what they are and how air coolers work. If you are in this category, there is nothing to worry about as we will explain what they are right away.

Air coolers, also called evaporative coolers or swamp coolers, are simple machines that cool air through the evaporation of water.

They employ a natural process, called evaporative cooling, in bringing down the ambient temperature of a particular area and improving humidity at the same time.

Many people confuse air coolers with air conditioners; some feel that air coolers are new air conditioning technology.

These are all wrong as air coolers are distinctively different from air conditioners.

The only similarity between the two is that they both reduce air temperature and rely on electricity. The similarities end there as there are worlds of differences between the two.

Asides from the fact that they use very different operating principles and affect the environment in different ways, the most important difference between air coolers and air conditioners is in the cost of using them.

While air conditioners are notoriously expensive and costly to run, air coolers are considered cost-effective.

Are Air Coolers Really Pocket-Friendly?

If you find yourself asking this question, it means that you do not own air coolers already. Now, this is understandable if you live in a highly humid climate where they are not efficient.

If your residential or commercial building is in a place that high humidity is not an issue, installing air coolers is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Before urging you on, we must answer the question directly. So, are air coolers pocket-friendly? The short and simple answer is YES; air coolers are pocket-friendly.

You may wonder why this is the case. We will briefly discuss some points to stress that air coolers are actually pocket-friendly.


1. They are Generally Affordable

Air coolers are generally affordable when you compare them to air conditioners. They come in different sizes and their prices differ accordingly.

Different manufacturers will also price their products differently but the average unit price of an air cooler is significantly lower than the average price of an air conditioner with similar capacity.

Air coolers are simple devices that consist of very few parts. You will make significant savings by buying an air cooler instead of an air conditioner.

2. They Are Easy To Install

Ease of installation is another major reason air coolers are generally pocket-friendly. When compared to the installation of air conditioners, the installation process of air coolers is a breeze.

They require little or no technical knowledge and can be completed in a little while. This means that the technician involved will charge very little to get the work done.

Individuals who are technically inclined or love to do things on their own can even install their air coolers without any help.

With some units, you just have to unbox the device, fill the tank with water and plug to a power source.

3. The Repair Costs Are Generally Low

If your air conditioner gets damaged, the cost of repair is always high. This is not the case with air coolers. Just as we have mentioned severally here, air coolers have very few parts.

These parts are easily available and generally affordable too. This means that once they fail, you can get someone to repair them or replace the part at a cheaper rate than what you will spend to repair an air conditioner. Over time, you will save a lot in repair cost by using air coolers.


4. They are Easy to Maintain

Air coolers are also very easy to maintain. As mentioned already, they are very simple machines with few parts. Some of these parts will require regular cleaning and you can do it alone most of the times.

There may be a need to involve the experts in air cooler maintenance but the cost will not be as steep as what is required in air conditioner maintenance. Since they are easy to maintain and cost very little, you can even save more.

5. They Consume Less Electricity

This is the last point in this article but it is not in any way the least important.

Energy-efficiency is one of the major reasons air coolers are considered pocket-friendly. Air coolers use very little electricity for evaporative cooling.

As mentioned earlier, the evaporative cooling process is natural, using only water and air. The air cooler also has very few moving parts that require very little electricity to operate.

The implication of this is that your energy bill will not be as high as what it will be if you choose to use air conditioners. With air coolers, you can save more than 50 percent of what you normally spend on air cooling.

Undoubtedly, air coolers are pocket-friendly. Air coolers are more affordable, cost very little to install, maintain, and repair.

They also consume very little electricity, meaning that your energy bill will significantly reduce when you choose them instead of air conditioners.

They offer several other benefits but cost-efficiency is what most people want and we can authoritatively say that they really pocket-friendly.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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