Why Air Coolers are Great for Air Cooling in Offices

Last updated Sept. 26, 2020

It is a known fact that temperature affects productivity significantly. The reasons are obvious; hot offices are uncomfortable, making it hard for workers to concentrate and do what they are hired to do.

Extreme temperature in the workplace will also cause stress and expose workers to heat-related illnesses. These can cause frustration and result in more workers calling in sick.

The need to keep the workplace cool and comfortable cannot be overemphasized. Proper cooling will make offices comfortable and enjoyable. But how do you cool offices properly?

You need the right air cooling solutions. We strongly believe that air coolers are the perfect solutions for most offices.

As long as your commercial facility or offices are not situated in a highly humid climate, using the air cooler is the sure way to keep them cool and comfortable.

What Different About Air Coolers?

If you keep to trends, you must have observed that most companies are making the switch to air coolers as their number one solution to air cooling in offices.

This is primarily because it has become common knowledge that air coolers offer lots of advantages over the traditional air conditioner.

It offers lots of economic advantages, which is the first thing most businesses consider, as well as lots of environmental benefits, which is another important concept businesses are leaning to.

Do you wish to know the major reasons air coolers have been installed in most offices? Here are the most important ones:


1. Air Coolers Work Perfectly in Large Open Spaces

For large offices that are often open, using air conditioners for cooling can be challenging and wasteful. This is because air conditioners are designed to work in closed, confined environments where air exchange is not possible.

If they are used in large spaces where there are possibilities of cold air escaping and warm air entering, they will consume so much electricity trying to keep the space cool. Air coolers are quite different in this regard.

Evaporative air coolers are designed to work in open spaces. In fact, they depend on air exchange to properly cool an indoor space.

This means they will do great in large offices that are in the form of open space. As there is a free flow of air in such offices, the evaporative cooling process is enhanced.

2. They Come in Different Types and Sizes for Different Offices Sizes

You will find different sizes of air coolers that will be compatible with different office sizes.

Depending on the way your offices are partitioned, you will find the right types that will cool every used section in the most effective manner.

Air conditioners come in different sizes, too, but there are clear limitations on how easily they can be used to cool different types of offices.

The degree of customization you can get with air coolers is simply amazing.

There are large swamp coolers that can be used for large open spaces, and there are small portable air coolers that will properly cool a secluded area of the office for an individual.

Just find what works for the type/size of the office you have, and you will enjoy efficient cooling from them for years.


3. Air Coolers Minimize Cooling Cost Significantly

While keeping their offices cool, businesses also want to make sure that they keep their costs down.

The use of air conditioners is one cost factor that can affect a business seriously during summer.

This is because air conditioners are quite frankly awful when it comes to power consumption.

They consume a great deal of electricity that can always result in very high energy bills during summer.

Air coolers, on the other hand, consume far less electricity, helping businesses to save on electricity costs during summer.

From confirmed reports, many air coolers consume as little as 15 to 20% of the power used by air conditioners to produce the same level of cooling.

This means you can save as much as 80% cooling cost when you opt for the energy-efficient air coolers.


4. They Help in Improving the Indoor Air Quality of Offices

Air coolers do not only cool the air, they improve humidity at the same time.

This is a big advantage in a dry, hot climate. If humidity is not an issue in your office, there are other ways air coolers can help make the air better.

They operate by taking in fresh, hot air from the outdoor space, cooling, and cleaning it to release fresh cool air.

Air coolers also help to remove stale air from the office space, unlike what you get with air conditioners.

The constant air exchange ensures that the air inside your office is healthy and breathable at all times. Some impurities like pollens and other allergens can be trapped by the cooling pads.

5. Air Coolers are Better for Health

Air coolers are not linked to any health hazards. We all know the fact about air conditioners and their links to health problems.

Air conditioning sickness symptoms include headaches, dizziness, dry skin, respiratory issues, among others.

There are also links between excessive use of air conditioners and sick building syndrome. There are currently no links between air coolers and any real sickness.

You will have to be vigilant to avoid moisture buildup while using them. Moisture buildup is linked to mold growth, which is not something you want to deal with in your office.


6. They Are Easy To Maintain

It is also very easy to maintain evaporative air coolers. This is primarily because they have fewer moving parts, and their designs are quite simple.

Taking good care of them is not a big deal. Even when they develop faults, repairing them is always easy and inexpensive.

This is something businesses and individual decision-makers must consider when choosing the perfect air-cooler for offices.  

Easy maintenance means you won't have a headache just because you want to keep your air cooling devices in good shape.

It also means you won't have to deal with disruptions of productive activities as a result of maintenance issues. You will also save more money when your office air cooling devices are easy to maintain.

Finding the perfect air cooling solution for your office is important for many reasons.

It will help you and everyone else accommodated in the office to work more efficiently under the right conditions. For many reasons, we believe that air coolers are the best for offices.

In addition to the major points discussed here, evaporative air coolers are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

There are so many things to gain and nothing to lose by choosing them over alternative methods of cooling offices.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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