Why Air Coolers Are Effective During Summer?

Last updated Dec. 09, 2019

Summer is a good time for several outdoor activities.

It is also the perfect time for vacations, which is one of the major reason most people look forward to the season.

While there are several positive things about the season, people are also concerned about the degree of temperature change associated with the summer.

In many places, summer temperature gets to a dangerously high level.

It becomes very necessary in such circumstances to find ways to cool the air and improve comfort.

In many cases, it is not just a matter of trying to stay comfortable but also trying to avoid some heart-related conditions like heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

How to Cool the Air During Summer

When it comes to air temperature control, there are few viable options available to most people.

Electric fans are the most basic and easily available means of controlling the temperature condition.

There are different types and sizes of fans including ceiling fans, standing fans, tabletop fans, and industrial fans.

They are powered by electricity and can help make any space more comfortable during the summer.

Air conditioners, for some decades, have been the most popular air cooling solution in many places.

Known for their abilities to meaningfully reduce the air temperature in an enclosed space, air conditioners are highly regarded in most places.

They employ a technique known as refrigeration that involves condensation of air using chemical coolants.

The process can meaningfully reduce the indoor air temperature and also remove moisture at the same time.

Air coolers are the next big thing in the air cooling department.

Generally praised for being cost-effective air cooling solutions, these machines are effective in bringing the ambient temperature in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They employ a natural process referred to as evaporative cooling, using air and water to achieve cooling.

Since the process does not involve the use of any chemical and doesn't consume much electricity, the machines are regarded as eco-friendly and highly recommended for individuals who live in places they work efficiently.

But are they efficient in the summer? The simple answer is yes and we will explain why this is the case in a few steps.


Air Coolers 101

One of the most important things to know about air coolers is that they are not air conditioners.

Many still hold on to the misconception that they are much related.

The only similarity between the machines is the fact that they both consume electricity and can effectively bring down air temperature.

Another important thing you need to know about the air cooler is the fact that it is not a new invention.

Though their popularity picked up pace in the last few years, these machines have been available for centuries.

It predates the air conditioner, actually, but has been modernized over the years to the present condition.

It is also important that you understand how air coolers work.

As mentioned earlier, they work on the principle of evaporative cooling, which is natural and involves the interaction of warm air and water.

The machine will first pull natural (warm) air into its compartment through the fan system.

The warm air is then passed through wet cooling pads that are kept constantly wet by a pump system.

As the air pass through the cooling pad, some of its heat energy is used up in causing the water in the cooling pad to evaporate.

As the evaporation continuous, the temperature of the air will drop significantly and the fan will blow out this cooler, fresh air.

The resultant cool air also has some moisture attached to it as it is released from the air cooler.

The process also improves the humidity level, which is helpful in hot dry climates.

It is also important that you understand that air coolers are of different types and sizes.

According to size, they can be classified into personal air coolers (for small spaces and specific areas), room air coolers (for moderate-sized rooms), and desert air coolers (for large areas).

Based on their features and how they are used, they can also be classified as portable air coolers, windows air coolers, and desert coolers.

It is important to buy coolers that can conveniently cool the space you hope to use it on, so ensure that you measure the space and determine the right capacity of air coolers to purchase.


Why are Air Coolers Effective During the Summer?

Besides the air conditioner, the air cooler is the machine that brings down air temperature during the summer.

Fans can help improve comfort by circulating the air faster but they don't really reduce air temperature.

Air coolers, on the other hand, are effective in bringing down ambient air temperature.

Here are the major reasons:

1. They Constantly Take in Fresh Warm Air

The air cooler takes in fresh air from the environment constantly.

The fan system and the wet cooling pads are designed in a way that they suck in warm air from the environment constantly.

This is why the machines are most effective in places where there is adequate ventilation.

The pump system also works steadily to ensure that the cooling pads are kept wet at all times to keep sucking in warm air.

2. Heat Energy from the Warm Air is Used for Evaporation

The natural evaporative cooling process will proceed seamlessly as long as there is proper ventilation during summer.

Energy in the form of heat is required to evaporate water and the warm air of the summer supplies this energy for the air cooler.

As long as the fan system is working and the cooling pads are wet, warm air will continue to be sucked into the machine and will be cooled as it causes evaporation of the water on the cooling pads/cooling surfaces.

3. The Resulting Cool Air is Constantly Pumped Into the Space that Requires Cooling

As the captured warm is being transformed to cool and moist air, it is constantly pumped into the space that needs to be cooled.

The process will proceed smoothly as long as there is constant air exchange.

The air cooler, also referred to as evaporative air cooler will always be effective during the summer because it is designed to do that.

The machine constantly takes in fresh warm air and transform it into cool, moist air through the natural evaporative cooling process.

All that is required is constant air exchange and electric power.

It is more effective than all kinds of fans and more environmentally friendly than the air conditioner.

The only downside to the machine is that it doesn't work too great in highly humid environments.

If you live in an area it can work efficiently, it is the best solution to the summer heat.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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