10 Ways to Save Money in Summer

Last updated Feb. 25, 2019

There are many spectacular things about summer. For most people, it is the best time for outdoor activities as well as the time to enjoy the company of family and friends.

It is also the time for vacationing. In fact, it is the time of the year we form so many of our greatest memories.

While summer is a friendly season, it is also an expensive one. People notoriously spend more during summer trying to stay comfortable and enjoy every bit of the fun.

While many things are necessary, there are ways you can shave your spending a little more. Here, we will discuss ten proven ways to save money this summer without compromising your comfort:


Use an Air Cooler Instead Of an Air Conditioner

Air coolers are very effective during summer they are also highly energy efficient, whereas air conditioners contribute significantly to the expenses of most households during summer. The need to stay cool cannot be overemphasized and should not be neglected at all.

It is important, however, that you try to keep your energy bill in check even when indoor temperature gets too high.

The best way to do this is to use air coolers instead of air conditioners. Unlike air conditioners, these machines are inexpensive and consume very little energy.

Unless you live in a highly humid environment where they can’t work efficiently, air coolers are the best evaporative air cooling machine and will save you money in summer.

Cook Outside

By cooking outside, you can also cut down on your expenses indirectly. The summer is actually a great time to barbecue for fun and there is no better place to do it than the outdoor environment.

Cooking indoors generally make the home hotter, putting more pressure on your air cooling system and significantly increasing energy usage at the same time.

When you take your kitchen outdoors, your home will be cooler, meaning your air cooler will use even lesser energy to keep it cool.

Perform a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit can save you a lot of money in the summer and beyond.

While a professional energy audit will cost you some money, you will certainly recover the cost overtime by saving more from energy usage.

You can also conduct an energy audit yourself and reap the benefits too. Find air leaks and seal them. Check your insulation and add some if there is need.

Check your cooling and heating equipment regularly to ensure they are in great condition. These and more will help you save significantly on energy.


Let Your Laundry Dry Outside

This may sound old-fashioned to most people but it is a great way to save more money this summer. Using the drier contributes to energy usage in two ways.

Directly, the machine and the process consume lots of energy. Indirectly, using the drier makes the home hotter which means more energy will be expended to keep it cool.

The energy from the sun will dry your cloths when you hang them outside, eliminating the need to use the drier.

Walk and Bike More Often

Summer is the most ideal season for walking and biking. While your car should be your primary means of getting around during fall, consider walking and biking more this season.

Choose the right time to do these as the scorching sun can be injurious during some hours of the day. Walking in the early hours and during the evening will save you some money during the season.

In addition to being good for your wallet, the two activities are good ways to exercise your body. They have mental health benefits too.  

Consider Carpool

It is not necessary to drive to work all the time when there are alternatives. If you are trying to cut down on your summer expenses, you should consider alternatives like public transportation and carpooling.

For most people carpooling is a viable option that yield several benefits. In addition to saving you money, carpooling and ridesharing reduces congestion and possibly travel time.

It will also give you a golden opportunity to develop stronger friendships with co-workers, which can bring other social benefits.


Buy/Sell Stuff on Gumtree or Facebook Market

Buy pre-used stuff instead of buying need new things for the season. Instead of heading to a retail store or shop, try shopping on gumtree of facebook market.

You can get some inexpensive finds that will solve huge problems for your household. You can sell the stuff you need to get rid or don't use that often.

You can put that money into use to buy the things you really need.

Find Free Sponsored Events

Normally, there are lots of activities going on during summer. Attending most of them may leave a deep dent on your wallet.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun or deny your family the chance to have fun and interact with others.

One way to ensure that you don’t spend more than you should is to take advantage of free sponsored events.

Depending on where you live or where you are spending your summer holiday, there may be several festivals and events opened to the general public for free. Find and attend such to save some more money.

plant-a garden-save

Plant a Garden

This is not something you should wait till the summer before starting. If you have the space, planting and maintaining a garden will benefit everyone in your household in many ways.

You can grow some of the fruits and vegetables you will need in the summer and beyond in your garden. Gardening will also teach the little ones in your family a lot of things.

Taking care of your garden will even be a fun activity that will reduce how often you will need to get out of the house.

Go Camping

Summer is the time for vacationing. While going far away can be fulfilling, you can consider alternatives if you want to save more money this summer.

Camping is a notable alternative that can offer many fun moments without costing so much. Talk with your family members and choose a great camping location where everyone will have fun.

As you can see from the points above, it is possible to make this summer less expensive than previous ones. By adopting the tips discussed above, you will be able to enjoy your summer while saving money.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.


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